Founder & Designer

Sasha has a background education in Graphic, Interior, and Product Design. Sasha has made her mark as an award-winning designer and she operates WAIWAI in Vancouver where she lives with her husband and two Children. Before having a family of her own, Sasha was brought up in a family of creatives surrounded by art and architecture, she was influenced by the artistic process from an early age. With an inevitable passion for tactile experiments, she explored clay, wood, glass, and, eventually leather. With a conviction that this versatile resource must not be wasted and to honor the animal sacrificed for food, Sasha salvaged and transformed leftover leather into wearable art. The key values of the earth's impact, efficiency, and organic living are communicated through her designs.  


Comfort, minimalism, and timelessness are at the forefront of  WAIWAI designs. The casually elegant style is rooted in WAIWAI's appreciation for simple but empowering lines. Intrinsically soft and lightweight, the leather pieces impart an organic, familiar feel that is almost cozy, extremely dynamic, definitely comfortable, and simple yet sophisticated.

WAIWAI’s unique pieces are re-invented exclusively from leather scraps responsibly sourced from local leather makers as they believe that nothing should be wasted. Minimalism lies in the heart of the company and is a common thread through the manufacturing process as well. WAIWAI pieces are a modern alternative to traditional gold and silver but similarly possess the enduring qualities of age-old materials. Think of strong, linear structures in architecture and urban environments juxtaposed against delicate textures and patterns found in nature.