Giving back

Kunn Collective was founded on the pillars of evolvement, innovation, sustainability, making a change, and giving back. It's our responsibility to give back to communities and help creatives thrive.
5% of every purchase goes to our trusted partners U for Change. You help give back with every purchase you make.

U for Change Mission

To create an inclusive community that  mentors young people in pursuit of their  artistic and aspirational passions. 

U for Change Vision

To allow every young person to confidently pursue a future rich with opportunity. 
U for Change started in 2009 to fill the gap in arts programming for youth  
living in St. James Town. Since then, U for Change has been mentoring  
young people in pursuit of their artistic passions through a spectrum  
of arts programs and workshops. Their programs are unique in that they 
provide the foundational skills for their students to thrive in their chosen  
discipline, as well as access to professional mentors, industry volunteers,  
and employment opportunities, an inclusive community, educational  
support, and more.