Damma Launch

Metamorphosis, Damma’s debut event is curated to take you on a journey of transformation and rebirth.

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K u n n (v.) كُنْ . The Action of Being

Kunn Collective is a contemporary, eco-conscious platform that empowers Independent Artists and Ethical Designers who share the resilience to BE.

In our pursuit of excellence, we only handpick a select group of Artists and Designers who share our ethical principles and uphold the highest standards of quality. With utmost pride, we seek to showcase their brilliance, not only on a local scale but on a global stage as well.


Unorthodox Soirée

the Launch of Damma

On Oct 7th we welcome you to our world, a world where we collectively joined forces to design the world we want to live in. It is the whisper of change in the wind, a story told not in words but in the language of form and essence.

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Lana Kuidir

Founder | Creative Director

“I am holding space for independent resilient designers who design with purpose and create with impact. It is our responsibility as creators to create with our own individual balance that sets us apart from others ”

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To remember that being is a form of action that needs to be constantly taken towards ourselves. Every Artist explores that in their work differently. We choose to do that through this collective and specifically with this Project Series "Bending Straight Lines"

Bending Straight Lines

To Bend the Lines that were formed for us and not by us.

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Point Five top

The Bending Straight Lines project will be releasing a series of products that are mindfully designed and ethically made by Lana Kuidir. Treating each piece as a canvas for other Artists to co-create with. First drop from the series is the POINT FIVE TOP

The ultimate un-gendered statement layer. The blueprint of this top is formed out of 5 straight lines that are attached together to create over 7 different ways to wear and many more to layer and style with. 

Mindfully designed to be inclusive in gender and size.