Design Codes

Every creative we represent has discovered their unique equilibrium in the act of creation. We proudly showcase work that upholds uncompromising quality. In addition to our unwavering standards for excellence, we have developed five empowering codes to celebrate creatives who push boundaries and think outside the box. Every piece featured on our platform embodies at least one of these codes.

  • Ethical Production

Ethical creation empowers each creative to find their unique path, weaving sustainability into the fabric of their process. From supply chain to design, material sourcing to production, and packaging to shipping, we strive for a waste-free system that leaves minimal footprints on the environment. Think eco-friendly materials, mindful design to reduce waste, small batch production or made-to-order, and the art of upcycling. Together, we forge a creative revolution that embraces ethics and inspires change.

  • Collaborative work 

We firmly believe in the power of collaboration as a catalyst for success and innovation. In the realm of creativity, we empower and support designers to unite their beautiful minds. Together, they can push boundaries, unlock new possibilities, and make a profound impact. By sharing knowledge, resources, ideas, and skills, we open wider doors of opportunity, fostering a collective journey of creativity that resonates with both fellow creatives and the world.

  • Innovative Solutions 

Innovation thrives in limitless environments, and we embrace that belief. We inspire designers to transcend conventions and pioneer extraordinary designs. Our support lies with artists who seek sustainable solutions, foster inclusivity in design (gender, size, race, or disability), promote versatility in usage, ensure longevity in product life cycles, and explore other creative approaches. Together, we shape the future of design.

  • Hand-Made 

 Hand-made work embodies the artistry and skill of dedicated makers, who utilize ancient craft techniques at risk of being forgotten. The craftsmanship behind these items requires honest skill, resulting in high-quality products that stand the test of time. We proudly support artisans who showcase their expertise through hand-made creations, celebrating the mastery and creativity that comes with crafting by hand.

  •  Impactful 

At our core, we gauge success by the tangible impact we generate in people's lives. Whether it's working with ethically-minded production houses or delivering thought-provoking work to audiences, our goal is to foster positive social, economic, emotional, and mental change. We prioritize fair treatment of workers and use our art as a platform to raise awareness about crucial issues that require attention. By focusing on impact, we strive to make a meaningful difference in the world.

The majority of our products are shipped directly from our Designers. Considering the environmental impact of shipping, we simplify supply chains to save on air, water, acoustic, and oil pollution.