Kunn Collective

Kunn Collective is a mindfully designed platform that believes in the power of responsible brands and the creative freedom of individuals within the conscious community. Our mission is to curate unique opportunities for artists, creatives, and consumers alike.

We collaborate exclusively with authentic independent artists and designers who share our passion for ethical, high-quality materials and craftsmanship. At Kunn Collective, we hold ourselves to a high standard, meticulously assessing and curating products that meet at least two of our ten Design codes. Our aim is to provide you with a selection of premium, long-lasting products that enhance your conscious shopping experience on our platform.

With Kunn Collective, you can expect to find a dynamic and carefully selected range of quality value products and solutions that align with your personal values and aesthetic preferences. Join us on our creative journey as we empower the conscious community through responsible and imaginative expression!


Kunn Collective Founder Lana Kuidir

Lana Kuidir is a multi faceted creative individual with a passion for exploring the beautiful complexity of human nature. As a multidisciplinary Artist, Fashion Designer, Creative Director, and Entrepreneur, Lana draws inspiration from the rawness and unpredictability of the world around us. She translates that through her work by examining the definition of existing through the concept of BEING.

Kuidir co-founded and operated a concept store in Toronto's Fashion District, where she introduced the public to over 20 independent fashion designers from around the world. The store quickly became a hub for high-end, elevated contemporary fashion, with an emphasis on unique self-expression rather than fleeting trends. The store also hosted a variety of pop-ups and events, providing fellow artists and creatives with complete freedom of expression.

Covid -19 impacted the boutique, causing it to close. Lana persevered, using this setback as an opportunity to shift her vision and create the platform she needed and share it with the creative community. Thus, Kunn Collective was born. To curate global representations and collaborations in the fashion, art, and design industry.