Kunn Collective

Our Mission is to curate opportunities for the conscious community. By creating various platforms for independent Designers and Artists who don't compromise quality or aesthetic when creating ethically. And providing collectors with long-term quality value products and solutions that help them make better choices to live sustainably and build a better future.

We invite you to discover with us a range of carefully curated collections and products made by beautiful minds we admire. We curate, assess and only feature products that carry at least 2 out of our 10 Design codes. Kunn Collective donates 5% of each purchase to U for Change. An organization that focuses on creating an inclusive community that  mentors young people in pursuit of their artistic and aspirational passions.  

Kunn Collective Founder Lana Kuidir

Lana Kuidir is an Interdisciplinary Artists, Entrepreneur, and visionary Fashion Designer. She is motivated and inspired by the beautiful complexity of human nature. Her work is built on the pillars of examining the definition of existing through the concept of BEING. 

Lana graduated with a Bachelor degree in Fine Arts from Ryerson University where she studied Interactive Arts, Robotics and specialized in Wearable Technology. Later, she gained a Fashion Design honors degree from the Academy of Design, specializing in couture techniques and bespoke tailoring. 

Lana co-founded a non-traditional contemporary boutique in Toronto. Where she created a space that was shared with 20+ independent global designers who retailed and shared the same values in their creations and the way they ran their business. Covid -19 hit and unfortunately the boutique closed and she had to give back to designers their work. She decided to shift her vision and curate a different platform for all the creative talent that she was surrounded with. To curate the platform she needed as a designer but didnt have.

 The struggle of independent Designers and Artists combined with the earth healing inspired Lana to keep going and build Kunn Collective. A place where making a positive social, economic, and environmental impact accessible to individuals and consumers without compromising quality. By connecting people together through their social community building, E-commerce platform, business partnerships, and innovative collaborations.