Kunn Collective

Kunn Collective is a mindfully designed platform that believes in the power of responsible brands and the creative freedom of individuals within the conscious community. 

At the heart of our vision lies a mission: to forge a thriving community of innovators and artists, breaking free from traditional confines, and fostering unprecedented collaborations across diverse art disciplines. Our dedication is to curate opportunities to the creative passions of artists, visionaries, and art enthusiasts alike.

Our e-commerce realm is a manifestation of timeless allure, unyielding quality, and unwavering sustainability. Each and every piece curated with meticulous care, destined to endure, while diminishing our environmental footprint and following our Design codes. Our aim is to provide you with a selection of premium, long-lasting products that enhance your conscious shopping experience on our platform.


Kunn Collective Founder Lana Kuidir

Lana Kuidir is a multifaceted Syrian creative with over 7 years of experience in crafting captivating experiences. She pursued studies in Interactive Arts, Robotics, and Wearable Tech at Toronto Metropolitan University, and furthered her skills in Fashion Design, specializing in Haute Couture at the Academy of Design. Additionally, Kuidir explored various artistic mediums, including Jewelry making at Central Saint Martins, and sought mentorship from Barcelona down to Cairo.

Kunn Collective was born during the Covid pandemic, addressing the lack of representation for multifaceted creatives, breaking free from limiting definitions based on their chosen medium. The pandemic led her to close her boutique, co-founded in 2018, where she brought together like-minded designers and artists for unique events and collaborations, catering to art enthusiasts across the city.

This experience led her to discover her calling in serving others through refined skills and a unique curatorial vision. Lana started Kunn Collective with available resources, onboarding ethical designers online, and collaborating with artists on exciting projects.

Now, she’s stepping into the mission of Kunn Collective further by creating a defined category with DAMMA. Focusing on bringing creatives together under one umbrella through curated experiences in physical space.