Rose + Rain



Emma Rose Bennet

Founder & Designer

After completing formal training as a hairstylist and graphic designer, the brand's founder Emma Rose Bennett developed a successful career as a hairstylist in Toronto. For over a decade she has co-owned The Cabinet Salon, a top salon in Toronto, located in the coveted Queen West Fashion District. Her creative passion and experience in hair, design, and fashion; led her to pursue a practice in jewelry arts. Emma combines classic jewelry-making techniques with new and vintage materials, to create modern accessories and hair adornments. Her designs juxtapose the contemporary and the nostalgic. Officially launching her collection under the brand name Rose & Rain. 


The Label

The brand focuses on slow fashion and small production for a purpose, we want to be conscious of not creating excess. That’s why our collection is mostly made to order and utilizes vintage materials where we can (not only are they unique, they are materials that already exist in the world). Using lustrous metals, vintage findings, and hand-carved cast forms. The collection is inspired by shapes and forms that are found in nature, art, travel and includes a series of one-of-a-kind hair adornments, handcrafted in Toronto.