Ain Ra

Yasmin Maged

Founder & Designer
Yasmin is a self-taught Egyptian designer based in Dahab South Sinai. In 2016 she started her journey in India where she was mostly inspired by all the ethnic tribal elements that were enriched with culture and history. That led her to find her passion for textiles and fashion design while digging into her Egyptian roots with a goal to shed a modern light on ancient techniques and designs.

The Label

Ain Ra is an eco-friendly brand inspired by the spirit of nature, ancient cultures, and life itself.  We are dedicated to empowering individuality, self-expression, and the free-spirited lifestyle. Our designs embody the essence of tribal cultures and ethnic elements, by integrating them with a contemporary light. Ain Ra’s creations are hand-made by artisans working in a safe and fair environment in India, using eco-friendly natural fabrics with a mission to merge cultures through combining Egyptian structural designs with Indian artisanal techniques.