Matthew Cheung

Founder - Designer
Matthew Cheung is a Tkaronto based metalsmith and jewelry designer. Coming from an educational background in mathematics and computer science, he is self-trained in goldsmithing practices, with a focus on experimental forms generated with CAD modeling, cast in silver and gold. His mission within Isochron is to expose a wider audience to the possibilities within jewelry to change the perception of what jewelry can be and to advance the medium through material and production; creating within the intersection of fine jewelry, fashion jewelry, and art jewelry.

The Label 

Isochron is a meditation on humanity’s confrontation with time through materiality. It is a reconciliation between that which was made to last forever and everything that would seek to destroy it. Isochron sculpts materials into objects intended to last a lifetime, while simultaneously embracing the ephemerality of each piece. Pieces appear as artifacts, their once pristine surfaces blackened and riven, seemingly on the verge of disintegrating. This constant tension between Eternity and Transience is present in every piece, an acknowledgment that no object is immune to temporality, but is conversely more beautiful because of it.

"There exists a soul in metal, a spirit within every stone. 
They are the flesh and blood of the earth itself,
shaped by us into mementos of names now unspoken
and places long turned to dust."