Torn Geometry - Asymmetrical Earrings [Lilit Gevorgyan]

Torn Geometry - Asymmetrical Earrings [Lilit Gevorgyan]


Lilit Gevorgyan

Torn Geometry - Asymmetrical Earrings, 2019

Black porcelain, 22K gold Luster, 14K gold filled metalware


Having transitioned from the structured world of finance, I found my true calling in the realm of creativity. The two pieces from my "Torn Geometry" collection represent a profound shift within me—a delicate balance between the known and the unknown, precision and unpredictability. Porcelain itself, born from fire, mirrors our transformative journey. Life sometimes beckons us to abandon rationality for spontaneity, urging us to break free from routine and societal expectations. In these moments of unplanned rupture, we uncover our authentic inner strength—the essence of our existence. My jewelry invites you to explore this dance between precision and chaos, reminding us that beauty resides in life's imperfections. It speaks to the power we discover when we dare to defy conformity.


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