Purple Blossom [Wakyli]
Purple Blossom [Wakyli]
Purple Blossom [Wakyli]

Purple Blossom [Wakyli]



Echoes of Heart - Purple Blossom

Oil on canvas

10" x 12" 


Echoes of the Heart explores the intersection between art and spirituality. Artforms such as mandalas, calligraphy, sufi whirling, and islamic art, despite their diverse cultural and religious origins, all share a deeply spiritual essence. For long, these ancient practices have been serving as means of deep presence, mindfulness, and connection with higher states of consciousness. In mandalas, the radial symmetry, concentric effects and repetitive patterns arranged around a central point represents the idea of unity and the interconnectedness of all things. The central point symbolizes the ultimate source of creation and the outer layers represent the expanding universe. This new series of abstract work uses radial, repetitive and rhythmic patterns to quiet mental distractions and allow the audience to enter a state of tranquility and stillness. Through this collection, I developed a technique of meticulous addition and removal of paint to create textures, intricate shapes, and optical illusions. Echoes of the Heart is an invitation to bring a loving awareness to a very special and central point—the heart. Sitting in the center left of our chest, its pulse has the power to change our whole world.





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