En Route to Akka [Dalia ElCharbini]

En Route to Akka [Dalia ElCharbini]


Dalia ElCharbini 

En Route to Akka, 2023

Oil, 24K gold leaf on wood

40" x 48"


‘En Route to Akka’ captures a surreal nostalgic portal featuring a woman in a 24k gilded gown ascending a set of deteriorating stairs hovering above the Mediterranean sea en route to the historic city of Akka, a port city nestled on the Mediterranean coast in northwest Palestine.

The chipping stairs represent the obstacles, hardships and fragility of the path there. The sea below, serves as a dual symbol of separation and connection, signifying the enduring tie of the diaspora to the land. Despite the challenging nature of the journey, the female stands in. poise and resilience full of unwavering hope to reunite with her roots. It serves as a representation of their emotional journey and the enduring dream of return.




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