Transgressed Boundaries Series [Samar Hejazi]

Transgressed Boundaries Series [Samar Hejazi]


Samar Hejazi

Transgressed Boundaries Series, 2020

Fibre art, printmaking

20" x 20" 


Suspended in space, the artworks’ constant transformability based on its interaction with light, shadow, subtle movements, vantage points and perception create a performance that make defining the limitations of boundaries between artwork and viewer imperceptible.

Through these media I explore the perception of boundary identification as a continual and incessant materializing of possibilities in time and space. The series comprises of textile artworks constructed without fabric challenging the belief that embroidery only exists with the support of fabric. I use this technique as a metaphor to crack assumed matrices of structure and stability while opening an infinite number of possibilities of perception. I attempt to reveal the complexities of boundaries and question what is considered substance in the identification of a body. This series encourages the viewer to realize that perception of boundaries are continuous interpretations based in the encounter between themselves and the other.


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