Sixty Beats [Dalia ElCharbini]

Sixty Beats [Dalia ElCharbini]


Dalia ElCharbini 

Sixty Beats, 2023

Oil, Silver and 24K gold leaf on linen

36" x 75"


Congratulations, you made it here. Now take a moment to feel your life beat and connect with your own pulse. The typical resting heart rate for a human adult hovers around sixty beats per minute. Feel these precious beats, a gentle reminder of the gift that is this very moment, and the miraculous wonder of life.

In a world consumed by the frenetic pace of the attention economy - where everything around you is engineered and crafted carefully for the sole purpose of robbing you of your attention, clarity and and your full spiritual and cognitive presence - being present is a rebellious act.

‘Sixty Beats’ prompts a reflection on the essential, intrinsic aspects of existence that often get drowned out in the noise of modern life. It’s a reminder for the need for self-awareness amidst the distractions and numbness induced by the digital realm which often alienates us from our own humanity.

Remember that the most profound connection we can nurture is the one with ourselves, and the most valuable experiences we can have on this earth are rooted in genuine, mindful living.

I invite you to stop and  breathe, breakfree, reclaim your innate vitality and rediscover the true beauty of BEING.


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