Lana Kuidir

The Bending Straight Lines is a series of pieces mindfully designed by Lana Kuidir solely or in collaboration with other Artists. Lana is a creator and curator that focuses on bending the lines that were formed for her and not by her through this project. Lana's artistic vision is centered around the idea of existing as a human being without being bound by social, cultural, or religious constraints. Her work is a celebration of unbridled creativity and unfettered self-expression, reflecting the beauty and unpredictability of life on earth.

Lana's diverse skill set is a testament to how her curiosity drew her creative path. She graduated with a Bachelor's degree in Image Arts from Ryerson University, where she studied Interactive Arts, Robotics and specialized in Wearable Technology.  She later went on to earn a Fashion Design honors degree from the Academy of Design, specializing in Couture techniques and Bespoke tailoring. Within the past year, Lana has also been exploring working with Metal and Jewelry as a medium. She refined her techniques at Central Saint Martins School of Arts in London, England.  And Through being mentored at the Azza Fahmy Design Academy in Cairo, Egypt.